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Date Posted: 2017-09-19 12:23:09
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System Administrator


1.       Minimum of 5 years experience inSAP B1




1.       Ensure that all company systems (SAP, OASIS,etc.)are maintained and remains operational at all times

2.       Troubleshoot when system problems occur

3.       Develop process and maintain controls inproviding access to the different systems

4.       Facilitate connection to SAP B1 via remotedesktop and support requirements of SAP B1 users for efficiency in operations and reports generation

5.       Take the lead and oversee software developmentby system providers including Project Management for system improvement

6.       Liaise with clients (both internal and external)to discuss software requirements

7.       Develop training materials or user manuals andconduct orientation/training to new users of company systems

8.       Ensure that system data are regularly backed-up

9.       Other duties that may be assigned by theimmediate head from time to time



Businesslocation and work schedule:

Location: 2FReliance House Bldg 205 Edsa cor Rochester St. Greenhills Mandaluyong

WorkSchedules: Mon-Fri 8:30 AM-5:30 PM

You may send your updated resume to:


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